Job loss

Your job not just provides you and your family a livelihood but for many of us, it is a part of your identity. With the situation of pandemic putting the business into nose dive position, many companies are forced to cut pay or brutally terminate employees. The unexpected loss of your job can have a devastating effect on your psyche. The dependence of your family on your income, creates immense stress and burden on you, accumulating your feeling of dejection. Our routine revolves around our jobs and suddenly having to do absolutely nothing is so difficult to digest. Your self-esteem plummets and you feel victimized especially if the loans and payments are mounting on your head.

As you despondently search for a new job while transitioning into unemployment, it is common to face many rejections before you finally manage to find another alternative. This is why it is so important to work on your mental resilience to avoid further feelings of depression and anxiety during the phase of unemployment. Here are few ways to mentally cope with losing your job during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Do not dwell on your sadness.
We are at the mercy of a situation and the loss of your job is not your fault. Accept things as they come, and be optimistic that despite difficult times, there would still be a ray of hope. Thousands of people are misplaced with loss of their jobs. You are not alone. Gather fortitude to go through this phase. Establish a routine. Eat, do some activity, engage yourself in domestic chores, organizing your home, developing your skills, get enough rest and sleep and treat yourself as if life has given you a staycation or break.

Look for new opportunities rigorously.
Focus your energy on looking for a new employment offer. Alternatively, you could consider learning a new skill that could allow you to transfer to an additional area of work. Assess your competencies and do a SWOT analysis so that you can construct your CV to fit into wider available positions. Pray, hope that your resume may click and you will get that call for the interview. Do not take any job rejection of your heart. What is meant for you, will surely come your way. Have patience and look actively for opportunities.

Build your network and join online groups.
Keeping remote contact with our friends and family during the COVID-19 pandemic is crucial for our mental health and even more so if you have lost your job. Talking to those who have strong connections and can pass your referral or any suitable job links. Try to reach out the maximum for help and contacts that may lead you to potential employers. Try to gain unemployment benefits and some aid from philanthropic organizations. Assess your savings and plan the survival mode meticulously. Delay avoidable payments and plan your basics.

Talk to a therapist
If you are diving into severe anxiety or feeling low, having thoughts of self-harm or constant worry talking to a therapist will definitely help. There are many online therapy options available during COVID-19. Dial the helpline and connect, get that needed motivation to carry on and come to terms for setting your resilience to find your way into a job again.

Lastly, we are not in control of this period of our lives. Do your best to stay on top of your finances and don’t be too hard on yourself. Allow things to unfold and wait patiently invoking graces of the almighty, gathering hope every new day that something better is coming your way.

Althaf Ali & Alvina Clara