The Virus is precipitously disseminating and due to its life-threatening effects, people are vehemently imprisoned rather limited to their abode, their customary lifestyle all at a sluggish pace. Amongst the restless phase, what is circulating quicker is our overabundance of overwhelming Emotions-Fear, confusion, anxiety, anguish, anger, stress, loneliness, misery, sadness that may all burst into bouts of frustration or depression. During this stage of unrest, it is imperative that we start paying heed to our body and mind and deliberate in this phase to heal ourselves.

The COVID-19 outbreak is nature’s way of slackening down the hustle-bustle of life to introspect and redirect what our true value and priorities in life are. Resilience or endurance is for those who have made up their mind to go through a phase that is passé and develop a mental potency that is immune to the fluctuating situations in life. Could you comprehend the plight of those quarantined suffering on hospital beds, the amount of disconnection and isolation they face from their external world and the deteriorating frame of their mind whilst denied personal interaction with family members or loved ones?

Enumerated below are modest steps that can help us build our rationality and keep our spirit intact during hysterical times

Express yourself feelings/emotions candidly- Your feelings when expressed eliminates the burden you carry within. Once you release your thoughts and speak your mind, exposing your apprehensions, a sense of calmness dawns upon your soul. Make use of talk therapy, pour your heart to someone you can bank upon or feel really comfortable with, a comrade, a believer, a mentor is all that can give you a lift in your mood. Trace, dial and connect with a disconnected friend, your relative or someone whom you love. Ignite those Goosebumps again in igniting old relationships. Space and time heal almost everything, so you get the right time now …Utilize it. Check on your friends, neighbors if you can fetch something for them from the grocery store.

Turn to your hobbies and passions in life– In this gambit of earning money, we have forgone our cherished hobbies, interests and passion. Involving into reading, writing, learning new words and that’s how I am relishing this elite me-time at home. Pursue your curiosities in life be it painting, gardening, cooking or playing indoor games, indulging into imaginative activities-art/craft with the kids. Relive your childhood days dancing /playing with your offspring. In this humdrum, we have forgotten to value simple joys of life –sleeping, relaxing, watching a movie or pleasures of sacred sex.

At some point, happiness is a state of mind and if you decide nothing can come in your way of bliss, then you have won half the battle.

The attitude of gratitude- Currently as we are securely quarantined in our dwelling, undeniably the heroes of our life are those medical staff, security guards, police, cleaners, janitors, supermarket workers who are slogging, risking their own lives to treat the pain and suffering of patients, far away from their families, jam-packed in safety masks and clothing, perspiring vulnerably, beseeching for an hour of rest. There is nothing more admirable and heroic than generously putting another’s life or well-being before your own. Offer such people a smile, a word of appreciation, a salute through a gesture, lend a note to thank them. There is always fortitude in gratitude. Despite one’s position or status, honest work is honest. Period.

With couples working from home, in western countries cases of domestic violence and verbal fights have escalated. Utilize these times to clear boundaries, to be heard and understood, glance through your old albums and cherish those old-gold memories.

Finally value your life and health contemplating that you are stable, hale, hearty and alive amongst the doomed who have contracted the infection.

Look at the positive of Life –At this phase where media is bombarding with reports of deaths and cases escalating, evident losses of jobs, and quandary of the plague-ridden; you may need to switch off the news and internally visualize that despite the stench of death, there is still a ray of hope and beauty. The skies are crystal clear around, you can hear the charm of the birds chirping, technology has gained wide acceptance and momentum, e-learning is the norm of the day, remote working has finally penetrated masses, buying and shopping have climbed onto devices. Sometimes the basic joys of life are simple or humble that affectionate voice, a soothing kiss or a consoling hug in your own cozy home.

If we internalize into our mind, we would recognize that inflated egos, positions, melodrama is plunging, and paid entertainment is so ephemeral. Let go what is not meant for you and as long as your determination and tenacity in unwavering, you can build the blocks of your life again. In the world where cruelty and coldness are in plenty, compassion is in the chosen few. Your aspiration no one can terminate and you decide the fight or flight mode.

Keep fighting, keep enduring and we will come out alive out of this crunch. Impregnate your self with ‘All will be Well’ thoughts.

Althaf Ali And Alvina Clara