As we stay at home to prevent the spread of COVI-19, many of us have ample amount of time to care for ourselves. The hectic life of commuting, office meetings are all converted to home time. If you’re the single type, then you have plenty of time at your disposal.

  • Investing time to care for yourself makes you feel not only better, but also pampered and confident.
  • Pull out a cookbook or browse online for a recipe you’ve never made – whether it’s an awesome salad or delectable new dish. Make a wholesome breakfast and enjoy novel dishes. Drink sufficient water and eat some fresh veggies.
  • Watch the sunrise or sunset or appreciate finer stuff in nature- birds, the freshness of the air, pleasantness of the weather from your balcony as you rarely had time before to notice.
  • Get rid of five things you never use. De-clutter your drawer, shelf or closet. Pick something colourful and bright from your wardrobe that makes you feel special even at home.
  • Compile a playlist of favourite songs from your past and listen to them. Listen to podcasts that interest you.
  • Connect with your friends, family members and old relationships online. Just pop up a hello message and get the conversation rolling. Send an encouraging text message to your co-workers or family member who has lost jobs or are in distress.
  • Wake up 30 minutes early to meditate, pray, or reflect. Take deep breaths and enjoy the calmness. A serene mind gives you answers to your questions and also strengthens the relationship you share with yourself.
  • Go on a self-date. Spend a me-time hour to nourish your soul on- Reading, exercising, dancing, or even an aromatic bath. Pamper yourself with some face masks, facial scrub or even hair massage.
  • If you are worried or upset, contact family and friends, or seek professional help from a crisis hotline, or talk to a medical health practitioner.

Track your feelings and never let negative thoughts seep into you. Resist these energy-draining thoughts. Believe deep within “All will be Well”. Treat yourself with small self-care gifts knowing that you are a good person worthy of being loved and happy. Stay grounded, resilient and strong in uncertain times.

Althaf Ali & Alvina Clara