As medical professionals, we wish to motivate people to open up themselves and discuss their apprehensions. Your valuable feedback/ recommendations are an encouraging note.

Positive and Fruitful

“I have availed counseling from healing minds. When I first contacted the team, I was unsure of my own feelings and my life felt out of control. I was feeling miserable and depressed. The remote session has helped to transform my life. With their help, my life is more positive and fruitful in all aspects.”


Gaining My Confidence

"I recently started enabled Counseling and I am glad I chose this talk therapy. After sessions with an expert Psychologist/Therapist, I am glad it’s helped me a lot so far in battling anxiety, gaining my confidence and establishing a healthy lifestyle and focusing my energy on the positives of life, thank you!”

It has helped me a lot so far, thank you!


Proper Guidance

"The first time I called and talked the medical practitioner was indeed caring, kind, empathetic – and made me feel at ease that I could pour my emotions and unburden myself-on financial stress, relationship issues and the hurt and betrayal I was going through. For all the times I called with questions, they provided me with proper guidance, being always patient and helpful. I have healed myself and gained immense courage and strength to cope with life back again."


Highly Recommend

"Healing Minds Team helped me through a dark time and opened my eyes to a new way of seeing the world. I was on verge of self-harm and contemplating suicide but the counseling I received there literally saved my life as. I can’t recommend them enough. They have helped me through some difficult times and the staff there is exceptionally proficient and professional-focused on the patient, their needs and results. I would highly recommend them to friends and family and the general public.”



Support and encouragement

I had recently lost my job and was feeling helpless. My self-esteem was shattered. When I reached the helpline, they offered me support and voiced assurance that I can build my life again, with useful insights on working on my strengths, keeping a positive approach which made me determined to look for an alternative. I am much thankful for the encouragement.



Open communication

I and my spouse argued while working at home. The quarrels escalated and my marriage was crumbling. When I discussed my worries with the psychologist, she gave me guidance to communicate my feelings and open up on the inhibitions with my spouse, provide time, personal space, and attention. We amicably brought out solutions. The home environment is calm and cooperative. I owe my gratitude for my happiness.



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