Today with strict adoption of social distancing measures, many students and employees are trying to invest their energies in productive learning online. Amidst the chaos and crisis, we must unlock and unleash the potential of our mind despite the physical barriers of lockdown mode.  The power of our minds to heal and do something creative still exists. Where most of us despondently look at the situation hopelessly, we need to develop that resilience that there lies an opportunity after every crisis. Refuse to allow the crisis to instil fear in you. Move from panic to progress, from paralysis to clear analysis, and confront the situation ardently.

Now that we are relieved of the hustle and bustle of life, the run-of-the-mill routine, we can optimally utilize our time productively to train our minds and enhance our skills. The crisis has poised restrictions, but the strength of the mind has no restraints. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA) are our life-long assets that cannot be snatched or terminated. Invest in yourself, in your self-development and stretch your horizon of thinking. Despite the chaos and anxiety that linger, if you are determined and resilient there is no stopping you. Learning has no age limit and is a life-long process. Prosper as a better individual and professional with enhanced skills.

Let us unlock the best version of ourselves. Here are a few tips for learners

Read and Grow
Reading would broaden your perspective as you would not only learn something new or be aware of the latest developments but you will also get answers to the questions you are seeking in life.  This would further boost your thinking capabilities, ability to comprehend instantly, spark creativity along with helping you to develop your analytical and reasoning skills.

Google information and listen to podcasts and music
Tap the world wide web to constantly search, explore, research. Dive into the world of podcasts and listen to audiobooks, they are the best way to channelize your thoughts and free yourself from unwanted thoughts.

Pen down your thoughts
Pen down your thoughts in a diary, the way you are facing the crisis, and in hindsight, it will be a pat on your back to fondly cherish how you sailed through the phase and revive them as motivational stories. Maintaining a journal would further help you structure your thoughts and actions, enabling you to see things more practically and work on your shortcomings. Therefore, the habit could help you hone your critical thinking skills to get your life back on track.

Exercising and indoor gaming
A work-out routine be it dancing, aerobics, walking up the stairs, skipping, yoga, and meditation are a great way to reduce anxiety and stress levels in the body; helping one to focus better. Playing indoor games such as chess or solving online puzzles that need one to reason will help you think beyond and amplify your intellectual process.

Learn something new
Attempting to learn something novel or engaging yourself in a new activity such as learning a new language, a new course or skill, will help enlarge your brain function. Utilize the time to reinforce your family relations in order to come out of this as a healthier person.

Even more prominently, the unceasing practice of unlocking and focusing our minds builds a muscle of resilience that will serve us in the future again. When we prepare to bring ourselves back to the present moment, we deepen our capacity to cope and withstand all sorts of crises, whether global or personal. With a calm and clear mind, let us together visualize the bigger picture and the positive, creative possibilities in front of you.

Althaf Ali & Alvina Clara