With COVID-19 daily life has been brought to a screeching halt. Newlyweds may take the lockdown as a staycation phase, enjoying each other’s company whereas few older couples are trying genuinely hard to exist in their locked houses to avoid arguments and habits that could trigger friction in their marriage.

As the glamour and euphoria of the physical phase goes down, then understanding each other strengths and weakness, adjusting accordingly exceedingly matters. The escalating causes for disagreements in couples are commonly due to differences of opinion, financial burdens and spending, work shifts, sharing kid’s responsibilities, domestic chores, and errands of the house. While there is nothing wrong to struggle for personal space and me-time, it is also wise to set well-defined boundaries with clear communication in an understanding manner. Never leave scope for a misunderstanding that can spark temper tantrums, and exaggerate the blame game intensifying verbal abuse or physical violence.

COVID-19 has had an impact on health, jobs, finances, and social connections, and now a new dynamic that suddenly couples need to spend 24 hours a day together, and relationships everywhere are feeling the strain.

As a couple tackle this situation of stress and uncertainty together. It’s important to discuss openly with your partner about their feelings, worries and how together you can be having coping mechanisms.

Somewhere the institution of marriage is not just physical intimacy, but also emotional stability and mental compatibility. Sometimes we are so chained to our I-phone and device, that we neglect the physical presence of the person beside us.  It is normal during the situation of stress, fatigue, and anxiety, there would be a decrease in libido. Express your concern and affection. It need not be about intercourse all the time.

Devote time and attention towards your spouse, have a deep-rooted talk on a daily basis, clearly demarcate household responsibilities, and kids work. Agree to disagree in a healthy manner, but refrain from excessive criticism or harping on weakness. Apologize if you said something sarcastic and never go to bed angry.  Be spacious, relaxed and laugh happily through troubled times.

Couples who stand together during tough times certainly develop relationship strength setting their foundation for a blissful life ahead. Tough times do not last but tough people do.

Althaf Ali & Alvina Clara